Calming a Crying Baby

Your baby is no doubt a precious wee one tugging at your heart-strings. But sometimes, these wee ones, make us cry when they cry! It is difficult to assess why is your baby crying when as a new parent you are hardly getting any sleep and are yet to form any formidable communication link between you and your child.

In such a scenario, below are a few pointers that will help you get through this with your sanity intact.

  1. The most important thing is to be calm yourself. If you have been handling a fussed baby for a couple of hours with no results, you yourself are probably all psyched up. Handover the baby to another carer to soothe the baby.
  2. Find out the reason. Check the tummy if it is too tight, it could be a gastric trouble. Also if the baby is too hot or too cold. The temperature needs to be set right. Check if she is hungry and wants to be fed. Sometimes babies cry because they are too tired to sleep! Usually with time, you will get a grip on these things. Even then, there will be days of surprises.
  3. Some fresh air helps. Get out of the house. On the terrace or the balcony or wherever you can safely take your baby out. It can be helpful.
  4. Although controversial, a soother is a very useful tool. You need to decide if that is the way to go for you.
  5. A bouncer or a swing is a good investment. It helps the baby to relax. I owe a lot to my baby bouncer. My child instantly calms down on one (on most occasions!). Do make sure to read reviews and search for the most apt one for your needs.

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