Bath Time for your Baby

You are lucky if you have your mom staying with you during the early days of motherhood. It is not uncommon in many cultures, to have parents or in-laws come over to save the day for many a parents. If that is the case, then giving a bath to the baby can be a real breeze. But if you belong to the other half of the category, then there is a good chance that you are anxious every time while giving bath you your wee one.

It is important to make the bathing experience a calm and fuss free experience for the baby. Get ready with a comfortable bath tub, a soft baby bath gel, cotton towels and a water temperature of 37 to 38 degree C.  In case your baby’s umbilical chord is yet to come off, you can give a milk sponge bath with a soft wash cloth too. Gather all the supplies before hand since you do not want to leave the baby unattended in the tub at any cost.

There is no need for a daily bath. Alternate days is good to go with initially as long as you are maintaining hygiene with diapers and burp cloths and lot of wet wipes.

Try to make bathing calm and quick. Moreover, enjoy these precious moments with her.




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