Baby’s First Foods!

Your little one is inching to the half a year mark and you cannot contain your joy! Or your sleep, for that matter.

This is also the time when she reaches the monumental milestone of solid food tasting! She is about to embark on the wondrous journey of palettes and flavors. For you this is the time when she can develop healthy eating habits for life.

One of the best first foods are those which follow the below criteria.

  1. Pureed and lump-free
  2. Single cereal, veggie or fruit
  3. Easy to digest
  4. Nutritious
  5. Freezer Friendly

The first foods should be introduced one ingredient at a time. This is to check if there is any allergy to be taken care of. Take two to three days on a new food and then proceed to a new one.

You can make the baby food and freeze it in an ice cube tray. This can be stored like this for up to a week. Microwave it properly before giving it to the baby.

Nutrition is the most important criteria when introducing new foods to your baby. For example, always go for brown rice to begin with instead of the white variety. Similarly, choose sweet potato over the regular potato.

There are some strict No-Nos while feeding your little one. These foods should not be introduced before she turns a year old. Some of them are listed below –

  1. Sugar
  2. Salt
  3. Any other taste additives
  4. eggs

Also, it is important to enjoy this stage and not get too caught up. Have fun.

Happy Feeding!



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