Cough and Cold in Babies

One of the scariest moment as a parent is when you baby coughs for the first time. Little did you know that something as passable as a mild cough or a sneeze can send you in a panic attack. The good news is that cough and cold is a common phenomenon in babies and toddlers.

Cold is characterized by running nose, phlegm, cough or watery eyes. It makes the baby very irritable as well.

As your baby accustoms herself in to this new world, she is also developing immunity to face it. Mother’s milk helps develop the natural immunity in babies towards cold and other such infections. Similarly, your pediatrician might have recommended vitamin and zinc drops to be given to your baby for the first six months. These drops too, will help your little star in developing that much needed immunity.

In addition, do not give cold formula milk to your baby ever. Always give warm milk, freshly prepared and in properly sterilized bottles.

Keep them comfortably warm, but not too hot. Spend some time in the sun if the weather allows it.

If your baby is less than six months, you cannot give them any medicines. In case of nasal congestion, go for saline drops. You can also give a steam treatment to her, which will instantly relieve her. Your doctor would recommend these to you as well.

There are some natural remedies which you can try if your doctor permits on a baby who is more than six months old.

  1. Honey+Tulsi leaves – give these mixed well in a spoon 2 to 3 times a day to your kid and see the difference. (Never give honey to a baby less than six months as it can lead to a bacterial infection called Botulism).
  2. Nutmeg paste – rub some nutmeg on your pestle and mortar along with a drop of water and give this a flicker of this paste to your child once a day. The cold will stay away from her.
  3. Homeopathic pills – There are homeopathic medicines meant to relieve cold and cough in babies. Check with a homeopathic doctor and your pediatrician before giving these to your kid.
  4. Warm Oil massage – Mix warm mustard oil with some carrom seeds and garlic and massage your baby with it. Please ensure that the baby does not ingest it at any cost.

Above all maintain cleanliness and hygiene around your baby. Poor hygiene also attracts cold as it exposes the child to bad bacteria and viruses.


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