Raising a socially confident child

One of the most talked about issues in parenting has been the social skills of our young kids. The social skills in specific mean our ability to form meaning associations and engage in valuable interactions outside of our comfort zone (home).

As a person who was labeled a shy kid from the word go, I have seen my fair share of troubles with socializing. It leaves one with a child who otherwise fun, is found troubled in settings outside of home or with new people around him or her. No mention of the pain the parents undergo.

From my long line of situations of socially inept behavior to overcoming it so much so to have a career in marketing ( talking to hundreds of strangers and making sense of it!), I have seen the change in my own personality and can sense a social issue when I see one.

Firstly, a recluse child is not someone who enjoys it. The child finds comfort in being alone rather being with strangers. There is a far worse agony in being alone in a crowd than being alone by yourself.

This child does not find it easy to adapt to anything new. Fear of the uncertain can be behavioral trait, a lack of confidence or a response to a rejection in the past. The solution is to talk and instill the faith to go on.

Sometimes, this shyness is set in a very physical format. If you look different from your peers, in a way that you are too short, too big, too fat, too thin… the list is endless. You see the difference and feel left out. In this case, finding another common link works.

Most importantly, constant connect with the world with emotional guidance is the way to inculcate healthy socializing habits in your child.


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