5 Values to Teach your Child

When a baby is born, she is at the most primal level of evolution. She knows hunger, she needs sleep and she needs to be kept comforted physically. However, as they grow older, they become more complex and understand joy, fear, sadness, anxiety, anger and a motley of other emotions. They are not happy just being fed and burped.

The onset of early childhood is therefore full of complexities that as a parent often bewilder us. What is more that these complexities only increase as the kids get older. That is where instilling the right set of values comes handy. The values that you teach your child should be helpful not just in the young formative years but also give them a sense of right and wrong, good or bad, throughout their lives.

After talking to some mums and pouring over some literature regarding the relevance of values, I believe below are 5 values which are rudimentary to good parenting.

1# Patience

Ever tried dealing with a person at work or at home, who just cannot wait. Someone who calls too often for follow ups may be. Or if you are an impatient person who simply cannot focus on other things till you finish up one thing quickly enough. Enough said! It is not good being one or dealing with one. Definitely a life lesson you should impart to your little one.

2# Confidence

Confident children are not jealous. They do not look at others’ success and feel sorry for themselves. They steer towards their goal. They believe action reaps rewards. They learn to dream. And work on their dreams. And anybody who can dream and work on it passionately will never fail at life. This is also because they becoming capable of rebuilding their dreams in case of a failure.

3# Responsibility

The beginning of human life coincides with responsibilities of a lifetime. You should teach responsibility to your child at a young age. A thought to be instilled is that responsibility comes along with freedom. Independence means responsibility. Try to give them chores as per their age. Let them know that there contribution to your household is important and relevant.

4# Honesty

There is one thing about honesty. You never have to worry about who knows what. An honest person commands respect and trust. They grow over pettiness and have less things to worry about. They ensure that issues don’t linger on simply because they cannot call a spade a spade. This quality will help your child have a healthy relationship with you as well as other people in her life. Not only that, her friends will be the right set of people who chose her knowing she is a true friend as well.

5# Courage

One major thing about life is that it is not always the same. There will be new things, there will be uncertainties and a few curve balls along the way. Courage will ensure that they learn to fight with resilience. That will also make them open to opportunities and realize their true potential.



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