Getting Back into the Groove Post Baby!

It were those long 9 months, which although precious were also strewn with morning sickness, scans and tests. At the end of that journey, you were presented with a new journey of cuddles, cuteness and a love that knows no bounds. You are also presented with a new life for yourself with an altered body, some postpartum blues, a slew of sleepless nights and much more.

At the onset, it might feel like your life has been completely put on hold and nothing that you ever did or enjoyed will come back to you. However, as time progresses your body starts to heal and come close to normal and you can again see beyond the blurry days that run into equally blurry nights. It is then time to clean up the act and let your social life beckon you. It is not that easy however.

Now that you have a little life dependent on you, you realize that your life is not quite the same as your friends’. They can still binge watch Netflix all night, while you crave for a few hours of sleep any time of day. You also suddenly find yourself getting along with the neighborhood aunties who have kids and can give you worldly advice (and ad hoc baby sitting too!). You never realized when your yoga pants turned into your favorite pants and a good bath meant something that takes more than 10 minutes. You might start resenting the poor husband just because he gets to go out and meet other people at work.

But lo and behold. One day, you fit right back into your jeans, your body starts feeling yours again and you start catching up on all that has been happening around you in your circle.

At this point, there are 6 things which help you spring back into action:

1# Exercise

Start walking, running or going to the gym. As long as your health permits it, go walk that extra mile whenever you have the time and freedom to.

2# Out n About

Catch up on social correspondence. Call your friends, invite them over ( most of them would already be waiting for the invite to meet the baby, believe me).

3# Hubby To The Rescue

Ask your husband to stay at home over the weekend and look after his child (notice that I do not mention the word ‘baby-sit’, because you do not baby sit your own baby), as you go shopping or just go for a movie with friends.

4# Baby Talk 24*7

Stop making your baby a topic of conversation every single time! People love to hear about babies, but sometimes there are some other topics too. It would be nice to generally have your mind baby free for like one hour a week. Also, do not expect all friends to baby-sit for you, just because you decided to have a baby).

5# Date Nights

Plan date nights. With a new baby, your own relationship with your significant other might take a backseat. It is a good time to get a sitter and go for that much needed date with your partner.

6# Going Social with the Baby

Plan outings with your little one too! Plan all the places you can visit together, keeping in mind her schedule.

Getting back into the groove as a new mother is a gradual process. Do not be hard on yourself.


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