4 Health Goals for the New Mum

Yeah, you read it right. It’s ‘health goals for new mum’. It is not ‘body goals for new mums’. Because, God and mums know what all is going on in a new mum’s life when her little one arrives. Being a little body positive couldn’t possibly hurt her. Her body aches like it never has. She is responsible for a little baby who demands her time, attention, body and her soul. She has duties she never knew existed, let alone know it takes so much time and effort to complete those duties. There is not enough time to shower or eat so many times, and to add to that the pressures of trying to fit into that skinny jeans, to fit into the box the world around them wants to fit into. Be a certain size, dress a certain way and behave a certain way. So to conclude, it is way better to have a health goal than a body goal. To have a healthier body, than a fitter body. A fitter body is not a crime, but we are talking about choosing our goals in the light of our new mommy blues.

1# Eat you Must

A ‘lose-5-kilos-in-one-week’ diet program is never going to work now. As a matter of fact, it might weaken your body, give you a lower blood glucose or a low blood pressure situation.  You cannot stop eating fats and carbohydrates. Your body needs a nutritious and wholesome diet. Eat proper and eat healthy. Remove the sugars and salts. Cut the junk off. Consult your doctor on your diet. If you are carrying a health condition due to your pregnancy then follow the diet plan accordingly.

  2# Physical Activity

How motivating it is to see all those celebrity mommies fitting into red carpet gowns with their flat tummies and tones bodies, right? Wrong. It is quite depressing as you struggle to align yourself with that body ideal. Those brushes pictures on the magazines make you feel a little less of yourself. As if you are not ‘mommying’ right. A ‘mummy’ is supposed to be ‘yummy’. No! A mummy is supposed to be of a sound mind and a healthy body. She is supposed to be able to look after her babies and enjoy the process. So do your exercises slow and steady. Seek professional help to ensure you are not harming your body. Take a walk whenever you can, hit the gym, swim, plank, whatever makes it work for you. But do not be hard on your self. There will be a lot of days, when you will just want to cover your sleep when you get the free time. Get your sleep.

3# Feel Right

If you are feeling blue after the baby birth and this feeling continues for months after the birth, then see a doctor. Postpartum depression is a real thing and it needs to be looked into professionally. Do not be afraid of help. In grave circumstances it makes you irritable and sometimes violent towards your child. It affects your relationship with your partner and affects the entire family. It is your duty to look after yourself emotionally.

4# Share the Workload

Ask your partner to take over laundry duties. Reach out to relatives to baby sit the baby when necessary. Tell your friends to run errands for you when you cannot. There is no shame in asking for help. The whole world runs better when we help each other.


2 thoughts on “4 Health Goals for the New Mum

  1. Great post! All very valid points. I think that as mothers, we tend to strive for perfection and asking for help is very difficult for us, but it is a definite must. : “A mummy is supposed to be of a sound mind and a healthy body” – this definitely! It’s not a matter of what you look like, but rather how you feel. It’s impossible (and unhealthy) to hold ourselves to the standards of magazine covers and celebrities who have personal trainers, dieticians and stylists to help them look their best postpartum.

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