4 Essentials for a Baby’s Nursery


One of the most exciting parts of being a mommy to a little one is that you get to set up your little one’s corner. Whether your baby co-sleeps with the parents at night or gets her own room it is common for parents to create a nursery for the baby.

The baby’s nursery should be created keeping three basics in mind.

1# Safety

Safety is the most important criteria while preparing your little one’s space. Make sure that there are no pointed edges, no heights to scale and no access to stairs or windows. The cabinets should be baby proofed and anything else that is within the child’s reach. The crib should be adjusted for height according to the baby’s age. If you have wheels on your crib, ensure those are locked unless it requires movement. The paints used in the room should not be toxic. Keep sharp objects like a baby nail clipper or vitamin glass bottles in a closed cabinet inaccessible to your baby. Before buying any toy or equipment for your baby’s nursery think of it from the point of your baby’s safety.

2# Storage

With a baby comes a truckload of clothes, diapers, wipes, books and toiletries. Among many more toys and more toys. The list of things you need for your baby is endless. As times progress, you will find yourself with more stuff than you can imagine. It is prudent to make enough space which is flexible to serve purpose. Folding tables and adjustable drawers are an idea. Invest in stacking racks which can hold copious amounts of toys. The height of cabinets for toys and books should be such that a toddler can reach it (Keeping a long-term view). Also, less clutter out also makes it safer.

3# Utility

It is easy to get carried away with shopping for your baby’s nursery. Resist the urge to over decorate. It will only crowd the room. Go with a theme and select key items of use first like a crib, a changing station, drawers etc. Choose soothing colors. Get a rug in between for your little munchkin to play and read etc. Anything beyond functional utility must be considered well before buying as it occupies space and takes a good amount of money. As most of the baby stuff is not meant to last more than 4-5 years it is prudent to think before you buy.

4# Space

As mentioned above, thing a ton before buying extra items for your baby’s nursery as they occupy space. A growing kid needs a lot of space to sit and run around. A sense of space in the room will make it easier to clean, keep it clutter free and give your growing toddler an opportunity to play within confines sometimes.


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