5 easy games to play with toddler

Your little one is growing up fast and the perfect testament to this is the amount of running around she is doing now. If you have a toddler at home then you must know the time and energy it takes to match up her enthusiasm levels. Now that they are not babies anymore and can walk, your whole house is upside down several times a day. And if you are like any other parent, you must be cringing at having to make your child sit in front of the television screen just to have them occupied. What you need is an easy way to keep your little one fruitfully engaged.

Here are some games or activities that you can play with your kid. They require minimal infrastructure, are fuss free and are easy to manage both for you and your kid.

1# Pretend Playing

Remember making a tent house out of your mum’s sarees? This one is similar. Lay out your little ones toys and plastic cups and plates from your kitchen in front of your kid. Serve pretend tea and cookies or play doctor-patient. You can build a fort out of a bed sheet as well. There are no limits to this game. This one will give him an imaginative kick and you will relive your childhood once more.

2# Stack and Sort

Get some blocks/shapes for stacking for your kid and help them play with those by showing them how to stack and sort them. Ask them to sort it according to colors and shapes and make them learn faster. Your little one might still be young enough to right away learn how to recognize or pronounce these words but he is putting it away in a corner of his mind. This will help him recollect and recognize these objects later.

3# Flash Cards

Flash Cards containing numbers and alphabets are easily available in any toy store. Start with showing these cards to your child announcing the number or alphabet written on them. Very soon, he will start connecting the number with the card or the alphabet with the card. Go slow! They cannot learn up to 50 on the first day itself, so start with counting up to 5. Again, this might not show instant results as far as learning is concerned but it will keep him amused and engaged!

4# Story Time

There is no time like story time! You can introduce your star to the fascinating world of stories from her baby days itself. Babies or toddlers take to stories like a fish to water. So, get a simple story book which is age appropriate and start reading it out to your little one. You can buy a book in a book shop, in an online kids’ store or even download it online for free. But pick one with lots of colorful pictures. Then, read it out to them at bedtime. The kids love listening to the stories and what is more, it even helps them sleep! Double win!

5# Gardening

This one seems to be harder. But you do not have to give them the responsibility of pruning the trees! Just bring them along to the garden if you have one or keep some balcony plants or indoor plants at home. Your toddler will develop an interest in plants just having them around. She will generally touch and feel them, be amused at the flowers or just appreciate them from a distance. In either case, she will form a bond with the plants. As she grows older you can teach her to water the plants or sow seeds etc.



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