10 must-have baby products


Now that you have your little one in your arms finally, you would be feeling joyous and over whelmed all at the same time. It is most natural to feel over whelmed with all the new things you are supposed to do. You need all the help you can. If you have your mom around, it is a sure bit of relief. If not, no worries for there are plenty of help in the form of the below new mommy must haves!

1# Rocker/Bouncer or Inclined Sleeper

This one is a clear choice for if you want your baby to be lie down comfortably while you are occupied elsewhere. It helps babies be rocked to sleep and calms them instantly. It is also a god send if your baby suffers from a cold as it allows them to sleep in an inclined position, so their nose won’t get blocked.

2# Crib

If you are an Indian like me, you would know from a lot of aunties and other well meaning ladies to have your child co-sleep with you. But you must admit that once your child starts rolling, you cannot leave them unsupervised even for a second! A crib puts your mind at ease while you baby sleeps. If you don’t want to invest in a crib, you can go for a pack and play too. However, it is better to get a crib which can turn in to a toddler bed or a study table later on.

3# Diaper Bag

Getting out and about with a baby requires packing a village’s worth of supplies. You will need a diaper bag to keep all the baby essentials as well as a changing mat that comes with it. You will soon learn how useful it is when you will know there are plenty of public restrooms with no changing stations.

4# Dummy or Soother

There are varying views about letting a baby suck on pacifiers to calm them. A baby usually loves sucking on it and feels calmed and assured in an instant. You can use this even for a newborn baby who is not yet teething, as it really helps in putting the child to sleep. However, one must remember to regularly sterilize such products. The negative is that babies can get quite addicted to such props and you may want to wean them off once they are a year old.

5# Baby Stroller

There is nothing more welcome than getting out of your house after your baby’s birth. Your realize that you took your baby free years of freedom for granted! Getting a stroller means, you can easily take your little one out while you take a much-needed walk. Invest in a good one, which can be folded and taken with while traveling. Most strollers are easy to push on the front, but you should check if it is as comfortable to maneuver on its back wheels.

6# Baby Carrier

You can go for a carrier if you are taking care of your baby by yourself during the day. She will love being snuggled with you and you can do your chores alongside. Go for the kind that gives you good back support, nothing worse than getting a backache especially in a post pregnancy body!

7# Bath Tub

Having your little bubba take a bath is an immensely cute thing to watch. But it is right away scary when you have to bathe your little one all by yourself. Get a bath tub with those anti slip nets where the baby can lie down easily while you give him a nice gentle bath.

8# Play Gym

There are a host of play gyms available in the market, you can choose one as per your requirement and the price. These gyms allow the baby to get much-needed exercise and improves their gross motor skills.

9# Car Seat

This is a must, must have. While in many countries it is mandatory to have a car seat installed in your car and have your baby or toddler travel in one. it is optional in India. It is not only a convenient product, it also is extremely important from the point of view of safety.

10# Electric Breast Pump

Whether you are an exclusively breast feeding mum or combining both formula and breast feed, you would do yourself a world of good investing in an electric breast pump. It allows you to express in advance and allows you to take care of chores away from baby . It also helps moms whose babies prefer the bottle.

This is a pretty compact list of things you will want to keep to make your life easier. However, it is not a rudimentary list. The most critical element in making the transition to the new mom life is the love and support of your family and friends.



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