3 Step Baby Sleep Routine

Do all parents have a night-time routine for their babies? May be, may be not. It seems like a good idea usually to have a process to follow with your baby every night. The baby would then take it as a signal that it’s​ time for bed.
There are so many night-time routines to follow. In fact, it is usually a combination of things parents do that make up the routine.
1# Milk
The most common one seems to give your baby a ‘in the bed’ feed. I have also been giving my little one a bottle every night before bed. It keeps your baby’s tummy full and help her sleep better. But in hindsight, I think it also makes for a baby who cannot sleep with milk. I recently met a lady whose daughter would not sleep unless she got her feed. At other hours, she would not want to have any milk but the moment she is sleepy, she needed to be fed, no matter what time or place. It sometimes put the parents in a spot. It meant she did not sleep when her mum was away!
2# Massage
A gentle oil massage is a good thing to try of your baby doesn’t sleep on schedule. I have tried it with my baby and although I do not do this every single time, it works when I do.
3# Bath
Running a bath at night is the best among the three mentioned here. In fact, I follow the massage, bath and milk routine in the late mornings and it works like a charm.
Who else follows any sleep routine for the baby? Is there anything I am missing that I can use?

2 thoughts on “3 Step Baby Sleep Routine

  1. We have a sleep routine as well. All three of my kids have one, so it makes things easier because the sequence of events is predictable. Ours is bath (about 3 times per week because with 3 kids, a bath a day can get complicated sometimes), story, milk (for the baby), white noise machine and lullaby. It’s gotten to the point where the kids and baby get drowsy as soon as I turn on the white noise machine.

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