Raising a Gender Neutral Child

Does it bother you when people who are not able to identify your baby as a boy and girl, come up and ask you what gender your baby is? No? Now, if I rephrase and ask you if it bothers you to have strangers take such keen interest in knowing what your child’s genitals look like, then? Creepy, right! This very idea is shocking enough to liberate oneself from color coding your babies for the convenience of others. Girls can wear blue and black and grey, while boys can wear pink and mauve and peach. That is the kind of world I want my kid to grow up in.

In fact, a lot of parents have triggered a debate the world over around the concept of raising a gender neutral child. This means that a parent is raising their child free of gender stereotyping. This is a world where a boy is not expected to play with robots and cars and shun the dolls. Where he is able to dress up as Elsa because she is his hero. In fact, countries like Sweden already have a government aided gender neutral program running for the last couple of years. Sweden is also one of the countries that teaches its teenagers to be feminists as part of the curriculum. There can be so many variations of gender neutrality we hear. But in essence it is a simple theory. It tells you that you cannot have society push it self defined gender norms on you. It calls out on the ridiculous standards set by powers that be that make absolutely no sense. Starting from clothing, to toys, to jobs. The list is endless. It gives freedom to a man to take care of house while the wife goes out to work. It lets them be the kind of family that suits them.

Critics uphold their beliefs by saying that this concept is against the natural order of things. What they forget is that it is not natural that you chose a color for a gender. That nature made you different biologically to reproduce, not to stifle others.

A gender neutral environment liberates the child and opens up their minds to learn better and reach their optimum potential.


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