Mommy Doesn’t Snooze, She Passes Out!

If you are a mom to a toddler you will get the headline. You will get the headline if you are a dad to one. As a new daddy, you have seen so many moms cribbing about it. You have seen the lady in your life turn from a dainty fun loving, party hopping, weekend slothing girl to a momzilla, the moment she became a mum. You can also probably put your finger on the culprit. It’s her sleep. Or,the lack of it. Yes, the lack of her sleep is the reason why she gives you those glances sometimes which make your toes curl.

If you are a mum, you know you have lost the single most sanity reclaimer in your life, your sleep. You have thrown it to the wolves. You can remember the day you stopped sleeping like normal people. That day was your first born’s birth day. Since then you move from point A to point B like a zombie and when you can sleep – you hit the bed and there, you just pass out. You do not need a white noise or a soft fluffy pillow. You can a sleep on a 5 cm strip on the edge of the bed in a minute! You can go into deep slumber while sticking the night feed bottle into your infants tiny mouth. 

Everyone you meet will give you the golden advice of ‘nap when your baby naps’. But when do they think you shower, eat and do other things? Ofcourse, you have to do all those things and take a power nap while she is asleep. 

But there are some basics which really help. Some of them I am listing below. These help me a ton in catching up with my sleep.

– Don’t watch television or stare in to any screen atleast half an hour before you​ hit the bed. 

–  Of course, sleep when the baby sleeps. Resist the temptation to do chores.

–  Do not worry about how clean the house is. Cut yourself some slack.

– Limit your caffeine intake. I know, this is exactly the time to cherish coffee. But you need to have it in a limited and controlled manner as it can harm your sleep. 

Chances are you will still lead a zombie like existence for a lot of days in a month. But if you do follow some rules, sleeping will get easier with time. 


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