Post Partum Hair Loss is Normal

Aah! Those glorious hair days… If there is one little thing that you positively loved about your pregnancy, it is your hair. The pregnancy hormones raging through a woman’s body ensures that she gets plenty of that for her hair too. These hair are thick and lustrous, the kind you always wanted but never had. Most women experience considerable changes in the texture, volume and growth of their hair during their pregnancy. The hormones do a super job of making them grow faster and fall out way lesser.

On an average, a woman loses 70-100 hair per day but due to the heightened levels of estrogen hormone during pregnancy, this process is halted. Our hair go into a resting phase and stay on our head for a longer duration. This makes us loose less hair during pregnancy which in turn makes the hair look dense and thick. This phase sets in by month 3 usually and lasts towards the end of pregnancy.

But good things do not last forever. And these changes are not permanent; most women lose a significant amount of hair in the postpartum or post pregnancy stage or after they stop breastfeeding. This happens because once your baby is born, the  estrogen levels start declining and the hair in the resting phase start falling out. Normally this will last in the first year of your baby’s life and your hair will come back to normalcy after that.




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