Spotting Autism in a Toddler

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a mental condition which is present from early childhood and affects one’s ability to communicate or interact with other people. Spotting autism in children requires keen observation by parents. Many parents are able to detect signs of autism in children as early as 12 months, although it is normal for a child to get detected by the time they are 4 because it is then that these signs are most visible in comparison to other kids.

Early Signs 

As the age of up to 2 years most kids on the autism spectrum show some or all of the below signs.

  • The child would not show any interest in faces.
  • The child would not make an eye contact with other people
  • He doesn’t smile
  • It may seem that the child is looking right through you.

These signs are merely indicators of a potential issue. It is not necessary that a child exhibiting any of the above symptoms is autistic. If you observe any of the above, you should be heading towards a certified expert to help you identify the problem and decide the future course of action if needed.




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