5 Foods That Fight Postpartum Hair Loss

Once your cutie patootie is born, the all time high estrogen levels in your body start declining. This leads to all the gorgeous hair that you acquired in resting phase to start falling out. There is not much that you can do to stop the gut wrenching hair loss during this postpartum phase. However, it is heartening to know that this is a temporary phase. Your hair will come back to their normal pre-pregnancy state within a year of your baby’s birth. You might find changes in the hair texture or color but with proper care you can get your hair look healthy and resplendent.

The basics of great hair lie in our ability to handle our anxiety levels, our nutrition, the hygiene we can maintain and the external environment that our hair have to deal with.

Thankfully, our moms and grannies have come up with some great home remedies for keeping your hair healthy. These are always made out of readily available kitchen ingredients making our jobs easier.

So, below are some very basic but nonetheless effective ingredients that make for good hair care remedies.

1# Fenugreek Seeds (Methi Dana)

Boil fenugreek seeds in water and let them cool. Use this cooled water for drinking as well as soaking your hair in. This allows for a great lustre in your hair.

2# Curd

Curd is a great conditioner and will lead to great shiny hair. You need to apply it on your hair for at least an hour before washing off with a good shampoo. It will also help you in arresting the excessive hair fall while improving the quality of hair. You must include it in your daily diet as well.

3# Egg White

The protein in egg whites is good for hair growth. Just remove the yolk and beat the egg whites gently and apply them to your head properly so that it reaches the scalp. Do not mind the smell.

4# Coconut Oil

The coconut oil is wonder drug presented to you by mother nature. It helps you keep your skin supple and your scalp free of dandruff. Always be generous with coconut oil massage. You may want to avoid it during winters in case you live in really cold weathers as it is a cool oil.

5# Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are amazing for your body. These are full of soluble fibre and hence extremely good for our digestive system. They help us keep the extra pounds at bay. But, that is not the only benefit of including flax seeds in your diet. They do a whole lot of good to our hair too by making them stronger.

There is an endless supply of healthy items from your pantry for your hair and skin. You just have to keep digging!

Happy hair days!



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