Why Avocado is a Super Food for Babies

One of the best first foods for a baby is an avocado. It is creamy and mild for the baby and really easy to prepare for the mommy! You can start your baby on avocado as early as 6 months.

But apart from the benefit of convenience and palate worthiness, it is also a very healthy food for a baby.

1# Avocado is rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids and anti-oxidants which are good for the skin and eyes.

2# One avocado provides 50% of a body’s daily needs of vitamin K which is an important nutrient for bone health as it increases the calcium absorption in the body. This is one the main reasons why it is a super food for babies.

3# It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Infact it is rich in folates which are said to have led to reduction in birth defects in unborn babies whose mothers took a folates rich diet.

4# It is a lean food which means that it low on bad fat and high on good natural fats which are essential for a baby.

5# It is loaded with nutrients. Avocado has essential minerals and nutrients such as vitamin A,B,C,E and K…this list goes on.


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