Right age for Spotting Talent in Your Child?

“She’s too young.”  

“I’ll let her discover herself when she grows up.”

 These are some of the statements we hear parents of very young children say. And no, we are not talking about the over-zealous, over-competitive variety, that’s the other end of the spectrum.

Parents often have a very relaxed mindset towards their growing children, especially for children under the age of five years. This is especially true for countries in the Indian subcontinent. And though, it is great to provide children with all the freedom to be themselves, it is during this age that children are most receptive, and in their most formative years. It is also during this period that they are naturally unabashed about the things they do and/or like to do.

It may therefore serve parents really well to have all their parental antennae on high alert to grasp your child’s natural abilities or gifts. As a parent, it is not just important to nurture and feed your child or send him/her to school; it is equally important to find your child’s best talents and help them hone these from a young age.

This is not just going to help the child to feel more confident but also empowered and happy in the true sense. Your child has a soul which is naturally gifted in certain areas. You can’t really learn a skill for your child (in some cases, though, you may be a co-learner) but you can surely help them find their true talent early on.

Sushma Verma, a girl from India, was only 2 years old when she recited the Ramayana, an ancient Hindu epic tale, at a local event. Not a mean feat at all. The discovery of her talent led her to be admitted to class IX at the tender age of 5. A Masters in Microbiology at 15, the girl has an age advantage over most of her contemporaries. You can read her story here: https://yourstory.com/2015/12/sushma-varma-msc/A sweet example of what an early discovery by parents can lead to.

However, don’t despair if you think you missed the train of the under-fives. There is really no age for spotting your child’s talent and egging them on. It’s just better because it gives your child the edge of extra time to bring her gift to this world. As for learning and honing skills, it’s a lifelong process. As a parent, you’d do well to help start that learning journey early.

This article has been written by Neha Srivastava. She is a published author across various journals and writes on life and spirituality. 


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