Mommy Shaming: Are you a victim too?

Were you asked by random aunties if you are breast feeding or choosing the ‘easy route’ of formula feeds? Did they tell you to not put your little one in diapers just for your ‘convenience’ or for not be a slacker who puts her baby away in a crib? Or have you been sent on a guilt trip for being on an entirely opposite spectrum of parenting? You breast feeding, formula feeding, diapering, toilet training too early, failure of a mom?! You are not alone then. Welcome to the glorious world of mommy shaming. They will stop you on the way to the super market and invade your privacy with questions, prodding and judging you with finesse and precision. They are experienced and you are their chosen one! 

It is tempting the moment they see a young mother who has her ‘hands full’. After all years of expertise in the art of judgement and criticism of neighbour’s daughter’s attire gives them a right to criticize your parenting style too. They will try to bug you and anger you when you do not want to. But then you remember fellow mommies and their advice to just be Zen about it! That is indeed a better advice, as it is not unsolicited at least, unlike the above examples. However, it wouldn’t hurt to speak your mind and tell the mommy shamers to attend to their business. 

And yes, be Zen about it! That always helps. 


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