The Four Sins Of Parenthood

As a parent to a toddler your life is surely full of surprises. These surprises come not only from your young child but also from you!

You find yourself swinging from delirious laughter at her antics to resigned frustration upon seeing all the mess she can create and Dear Lord! Forgive my words if I step on one of her blocks! That is a surreal mix of physical pain, anger, helplessness and slapping yourself back to your new reality. 

In this heady mix called parenting, it is but natural to act and behave in ways that seem to make your life easy in the near future but do not make for good parenting decisions for long. Some of these parenting mistakes are:

#1 Lying to your child

When you find your way out of an innocuous, harmless situation, you may not think much of it but it is your word against the world for your child. It will only confuse him in the long haul and create distrust. 

#2 Yelling

Researches have shown that yelling leads to anxiety, low self esteem and aggression in children. It is as harmful as spanking your child. So keep those vocal chords at rest when you feel so tempted to scream away and count up to 10. 

#3 Seek Digital Nanny’s Help

Now, in this world it is highly difficult to keep your little ones away from the iPad, but the biggest tech giants’ founders are believed to keep their offsprings away from these very gadgets. Excess screen time leads to lack of focus in children. The lesser the exposure, the better it is. 

#4 Using smartphone during Family Time

When you put your WhatsApp messages above the story your daughter is trying to tell you, you give a message to her that she is not as important to you and that is the last thing you want her to believe. Smartphones cut into family bonding and ruin relationships. Keep your phone aside for the time you have promised to your kids. 

Millennial Parents are dealing with so much more than just keeping their kids fed and clothed. This article is not to judge or critique any parenting style but to discuss what all of us go through as parents. Much love to all fellow Mamas who are trying so hard to raise healthy and happy people. ❤️


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