Why mothers cry?

Yesterday, I just stood there sobbing away whilst soothing my one year old to sleep. You see, she spent the last half an hour crying uncontrollably with a red face and swollen eyes, and I had little idea why. So when she finally decided to settle down in my arms and sleep, I was overwhelmed with this relief that bathed over me coupled with the guilt of not really knowing how to stop her crying. You think you have reached a point when you have kind of sorted out how to comfort your child and this happens!

The beginning of parenting starts with embracing how little you have known all your life. It is the start of another life and perhaps the end of a life as we knew it. Not in a good or bad way. It just is.

So, as a parent when you nurse a sick child back from something like cold and you worry as heck and watch over as they sleep at night, take it as a given that life has changed. When just a runny nose or a mild fever makes you loose sleep, you are a parent. Remember as a child how you did not really cared about your own fever, guess who was worrying about it back then for you? Your parents.

Back to the point. It seemed an exaggeration to have Bollywood mothers let a tear out when their little ones slashed their knees. Now it makes so much more sense. Why mothers or fathers are like that. They are just hard wired to nurture their kids like that. Just like that.


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