Mommy’s trip to the mall!

…with the toddler!

Everytime I make a trip to the nearest mall for…wait for it…weekly groceries… I have to tag along my toddler. This is on weekdays since I prefer the low traffic in the aisles on weekdays.

You know, life with a toddler in tow is so so different, so unfathomable for those who do not have kids or those who still have six months old and are waiting for the baby to be ‘just a little older’. When you are not a parent, a quick trip includes putting on your sneakers and not forgetting your wallet, keys and grocery bag ( I live in a no polythene bag zone). You do not have to worry about your way to commute, how many hours it might take and accordingly arm yourself with bottles, snacks and diapers. You do not even know that a mother’s room or a changing pad for babies exists in the mall you go once a week to. However, as a parent your review of a airport includes a glowing mention of the state of the art baby room they had. Before having a baby, who knew such places existed.

Anyway, the trip to the mall is a tiny project in retrospect. I unwittingly find myself comparing my laptop bag I used to carry during a mall visit post work hours with the grocery bag on one hand and an excited toddler on the other arm. This one, sure is interesting. I remember handing over the bag at entrance of many stores. Well…

While on a mall cruise, you also find your baby or toddler become a magnet for coochy coos. While the kid doesn’t care a bit, it definitely can range from cute to annoying and borderline intrusive for me. Here is one burly man doing baby talk with my little one and clearly invading our space. Back off dude, you are clearly making us uncomfortable. Moral of the story is that while you can look at cute babies, you are still a stranger, so just stay at a distance.

It also opens you up to something wonderful. The number of people who are willing to hold the door for you, push the cart or entertain the baby while your hands are full. I do not remember being half as nice to other people with babies before I had my own!

Clearly, it is indeed a different life if you are a parent to a young one. It has it’s positivew and negatives but the journey is so worth it. ❤️


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